icons.gif  The acces book to customsis used for temporary export of goods abroad.It is used if you wish to prospect foreign markets , participate in faires and exibitions or use the professional material for exact period.  
icons.gif  Goods remain under the expediture property or the accompagnantand they are made to the state in the  acquit  the rights of customs and taxes in the rights of customs and taxes in the temporary countries of admission.
icon.gifExample of ATA Book   (download)IconePDF.jpg
icons.gif In order to have your ATA Book you must :  
  icon.gifForm of first contact   (download)IconePDF.jpg  
icon.gifRequest for ATA Book  (downloadr)IconePDF.jpg
icons.gif The ATA Book is composed of :  
icon.gifA couverage (green) on
icon.pngAn ENCART « export /reimport » (yellow)
icon.gifAn ENCART« import/reexport » (white)
icon.gifAn ENCART « transit » (bleu)
icon.gifA Shutter « export » (yellow)
icon.gifA Shutter « import » (white)
icon.gifA Shutter « reexport » (white)
icon.pngA Shutter« reimport » (yellow)
icon.gifFour shutters « transit » (bleu)
icon.pngA couverage (green) on