The Chambers of commerce and Industry are public institutions with economic interest endowing a moral personality and financial autonomy under the supervision of the Minister of Commerce. They are non lucrative institutions created without a capital but with a decree which determines their designations their headquarters as far as their territorial districts. Created since 23rd of June 1885 by a decree of the General Resident Paul Cambon under the designation of The Chamber of Commerce with the Consular Palace at Habib Thameur Avenue as a headquarter. The CCITunis has always brought support to enterprises.
The strength of a qualified network at the service of the enterprises  
  - To weave Business to Business relations between different economic actors at the national and international levels.
- To organise seminars and exhibitions which give a lift to the economic movement of the country.
- To participate at renown economic events.

Are the final objectives of the CCITunis which reflects an ambious way for the benefit of the economic actors of the country.
Main missions of the CCIT
  To assist enterprises during their international commercial operations and to contribute to develop opportunities of partnership within the industrial, commercial, handicrafts and small crafts sectors thanks to:

icon.gifThe delivery of the certificates of origins.
icon.gifThe organisation of thematic seminars.
icon.gifThe organisation of business missions.
icon.gifThe national exclusive of the issuing of ATA notebooks.
icon.gifThe national exclusive of the issuing of TIR notebooks.
icon.gifThe training and recycling.
icon.gifThe provision of information or documents.
icon.gifThe provision of information about fairs and exhibitions.
icon.gifThe sale of documents of external trade.
icon.gifTo strike commercial agreements of cooperation and partnership with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the world.
  The main tasks of the CCIT are fixed around 4 principal axis: The training, the information, the assistance of the enterprises and the promotion on the national and international levels hence it works on the following objectives:

icon.pngTo insure training this meets the needs of the labour market.
icon.pngTo promote national and international economic activities through the organisation of businessmen missions abroad.
icon.pngTo simplify the administrative formalities and improve the quality of services offered by the CCIT to its adherents.
icon.pngTo provide economic information and insure its diffusion as on the national level as well as on the international level via e-mailing.
icon.pngTo contribute to the updating and reinforcing of cooperation relations and partnerships with the foreign CCI (Arabs, Africans, Mediterranean and Europeans).